Social Development

The Copenhagen Social Summit 1995 defined Social Development in terms of three basic criteria:
• Poverty Eradication
• Employment Generation
• Social Harmony.
Other development Agencies have broken this down into three components,
1. The Fight against Poverty
2. Development by people themselves
3. A Rightful place in society.
Three Fields of Operation (within Social Development) are: Basic Services
2. Means of Existence
3. Human Rights and Democratic Domain.
Three Fixed Measuring points for Social Development  are
1. Gender
2. Sustainable development  and
3. Social Cohesion.
As a consultancy firm primarily concerned with social development, Beryl Consult Limited focuses research and studies around the three fixed measuring points as they concern human development. In all the work we do, we seek to highlight gender relations within the social fabric, sustainable livelihoods and development, and social cohesion and the elements that ensure this is achieved. For example, there can be no social cohesion where there is unequal development; where parts of a society enjoy inordinately better facilities than a large disenfranchised majority, and where gender inequalities are propagated, protected and perpetuated  by cultural and legal political systems. Beryl Consult Limited works with others to create understanding around such barriers and highlights possible solutions so that every human being can be fully human with means to live a full life.

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