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Beryl Consult

Social Development Consultancy Firm

  • Beryl Consult provides independent and quality services to governments and humanitarian organizations.
  • We have worked in Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, DR Congo and Uganda as well as numerous other countries in Africa.

The company provides a variety of consultancy services for social development organizations in the areas of assessments and surveys; strategic planning; research and programme design; and evaluations especially focusing education, health, poverty reduction, water and sanitation as well as human settlements.


Assessments and Surveys

Beryl Consult conducts assessments and surveys to gather information on social issues. These assessments help organizations to identify the needs and challenges of the communities they serve.


Strategic Planning

Beryl Consult assists organizations with the development of strategic plans that align with their goals and objectives.


Research and Programme Design

Beryl Consult conducts research and designs programs that are evidence-based and responsive to the needs of the community.



Beryl Consult conducts evaluations of social development programs to determine their impact, effectiveness, and sustainability. This includes using a range of evaluation methods and tools to assess program outcomes.


Report Writing

Beryl Consult conducts and assists with the writing of reports by providing supporting data and evidence for the project at hand.


Capacity Building

Beryl Consult conducts capacity building through various activities, such as training, coaching, and providing resources and tools. Our goal is to empower individuals or groups to become self-sufficient, achieve their goals, and sustain their progress over time.

Our Esteemed Clients

These are some of the many clients we have partnered with over the years.


In Social Developmental consultancy we as Beryl are very passionate in Gender Mainstreaming, Workshop Facilitation and Research Work, Monitoring and Evaluation and the topics stated below.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Mid-Term and End Evaluation of the Visibility Openness and Integrity through Community Engagement (VOICE) Project in Kwale County, 2021/22.
  • Assessment of Drought Impacts and Use of Early Warning Climate Information for Resilience Building in the IGAD region – IGAD and AfDB.
  • End Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the World Bank funded, TASAF Poverty Reduction Project, 2015/16 in Mtwara and Lindi Regions of -Tanzania.

Gender Mainstreaming

  • To integrate a gender perspective into policies, programs, and activities in all areas and at all levels.
  • BCL supported the Development of Training Tools and slides, the development of a Training Program, the coordination of Trainers, the presentation of the training, and oversight of County Gender Mainstreaming Plans.

Participatory Impact Assessment

  • Catholic Relief Services – USA in Adjumani, Uganda and Kasai, DRC 2022.
  • Feinstein International Center of Tufts University, in Zimbabwe and Niger – Boston USA – 2008.
  • Government of Kenya – Ministry of Agriculture – DRSLP. (2017 and 2022)

Workshop Facilitation and Report Writing

  • Kenya Water Security Climate Resilience (KWSCR) Project Ministry of Water of the Government of Kenya- The World Bank, 2017-2019.

Training and Capacity Building for Staff

  • Gender Mainstreaming training for county Agricultural Officers from 11 Counties implementing the Small-scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Assessment and Design of Social programmes

  • Integration of Climate Change issues into Community Action Development Plans – Ministry of Agriculture.


Always at work for sustainable social development.


To be the leading firm, in Africa in providing high quality technical and advisory services in social development.


Beryl Consult is filled with a dynamic team that comprises of associates that are called for an assignment based on their skill sets. The team below is a few of the many individuals involved in the company's well being.

Omeno Suji

Managing Partner

Omeno is currently the managing Partner of Beryl Consult Limited. He is a development communications expert with over fifteen years experience in research, project management and design, systems design, business development, education management, training, workshop facilitation and development communication.

Francois Ferdinand Tshisungu

Research Developer

Francoise has more than 5 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation, learning and accountability, MEAL learning, project management, community protection and market analysis, perfect mastery of MEAL standards;

Anastacia Ruguru

Head of Accounts

Anastacia Ruguru is an accounting and tax professional with over 10 years’ experience. Anastacia’s interests include financial literacy for M(SME)s, economic impact for communities to thrive through business sustainability, training and developing training modules for SMEs in agribusiness and hospitality, and leadership and management mentorship for entrepreneurs.

Tom Chemoiywo

Beryl Associate

Tom has over 15 years’ work experience in both private and public sector. His key areas of specialization include Market and social research, Information technology, research project management across 23 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. His experience covers questionnaire development, scripting, training, data sampling, data analysis and reporting.

Naomi Kimani

Managing Partner

Naomi is a passionate statistician with close to 7 years of experience in designing and oversight of monitoring systems, impact evaluations and learning processes for both humanitarian and development interventions for various projects across different context and countries. My thematic focus has been on early childhood development, education and youth employment.

Sally Suji

Beryl Associate

Sally Suji holds a Bachelor of Education degree (B.Ed.), with Mathematics and PE as her two teaching subjects; she has a certificate in Teaching International Curricula, Nairobi Kenya. Her passion is for the mental wellbeing of her students, challenging them to be curious and take chances when learning any new knowledge or skills

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